Specialty Tests

Naturopathic doctors can offer a variety of lab testing to help you understand the underlying cause of your symptoms. With these test results, we can then tailor a treatment plan to fit your specific needs.

Homeopathic treatment is not based on lab results; we base your homeopathic prescription on your symptoms and history.

It may not be necessary to run any tests in order to be properly treated, but in some cases, we need to rule out a physical cause of your emotional symptoms, and testing can help us do that.

Some of the tests that we often order for our patients are:

Basic Labs

Specialty Tests

Read why Dr. Peyman chooses not to use Urinary Neurotransmitter Testing with her patients.

Most basic testing will be covered by insurance. For the specialty testing, we can bill your insurance for the cost of some tests, and if so, there is usually a small copay. For patients without insurance, we can offer discounted rates on several lab tests as well.

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